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Orestad Gymnasium in Denmark by 3XN Architecture

November 19, 2011

Designed by 3XN Architecture, This new Ørestad College is a new dynamic architectural project located in Copenhagen, built in the Danish capital’s development area; Ørestad. Designed by Architects 3XN, The Ørestad College is the latest ‘gymnasium’ college or upper secondary school. It will be the first in Denmark to fulfil new educational visions regarding subjects, organisation and teaching systems.

Communication, interaction and synergy has been key issues. The project displays a visionary interpretation of openness and flexibility regarding team sizes, varying from the individual over groups to classes and assemblies, and reflects international tendencies aiming at achieving a more dynamic and life-like studying environment and introducing IT as a main tool. The intention is also to enforce the students’ abilities gradually to take responsibility for own learning, being able to work in teams as well as working individually.

The Ørestad college is interconnected vertically and horizontally. Four boomerang shaped floor plans are rotated to create the powerful super structure which forms the overall frame of the building – simple and highly flexible. Four study zones occupy one floor plan each. Avoiding level changes makes the organizational flexibility as high as possible, and enables the different teaching and learning spaces to overlap and interact with no distinct borders. The rotation opens a part of each floor to the vertical tall central atrium and forms a zone that provides community and expresses the college’s ambition for interdisciplinary education.

The storey decks are open towards a central core, where a broad main staircase winds its way upwards to the roof terrace. The main staircase is the heart of college educational and social life; the primary connection up an down, but also a place to stay, watch and be seen. Three ‘mega columns’ form the primary load bearing system, supplemented by a number of smaller columns positioned according to structural requirement, not as part of a regular grid. For further information visit 3XN Architecture official website here.

Orestad Gymnasium in Denmark by 3XN Architecture

Orestad Gymnasium Interior Layout in Denmark

Orestad Gymnasium Interior in Denmark

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